Addictions Counseling

Addiction often takes powerful control over an individual.  It is a stealthy life altering force leading to destruction of one’s physical and mental health, relationships, employment and financial stability.  The ultimate ravaging of one’s life through addiction happens at different rates for different people.  It most often goes un-noticed by the individual until the losses start occurring in domino style.   


Counseling for addictions, including substance addiction, behavioural addictions,  and eating disorders provides guidance and support to people who are struggling.   This begins with assessing the pattern of addiction, the intensity of the addiction and the possible underlying complex issues. This is followed by a plan for treatment and guidance.  


Motivation for change is vital to successful results, but motivation is difficult without help and support.  Each client is seen as unique and each person’s plan is individualized.  I am committed to my clients and committed to helping them find a healthier more balanced lifestyle.  

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