Sometimes we meet challenges that overwhelm our ability to cope. 

Susanne is an experienced, effective psychologist and clinical therapist in Edmonton, AB

Although each of us is unique, life presents us all with challenges that can be difficult, even overwhelming or traumatic.  Some difficulties may develop over long periods of time or conceivably while we are still in the womb.  Others can be recent,  sudden and unexpected.  These challenges provide us with opportunities to grow, and learn about who we are and the world in which we live.  Coping strategies that may have worked in the past may not work now, resulting in feeling lost, and finding oneself repeating the same pattern.  I believe we all have inner resources to help us through.  


Seeking support is a sign of strength and courage.  I offer compassion, warmth, and encouragement as I work collaboratively with clients to uncover those resources.  Together we can seek a path of growth and change resulting in calm resolution.  Collaboratively, we work toward establishing possibilities for a brighter future where comfort and laughter is possible. 


I am a registered psychologist. I operate a general practice with over 15 years of experience offering counseling to people experiencing depression anxiety, substance abuse/addictions, porn addiction, sexual addiction abuse, trauma, divorce, infidelity, grief and loss, anger, poor self-esteem, stress, anxiety and tinnitus.  I also work with those who have loved ones struggling with a variety of life challenges.  


I have a unique understanding of disabilities, especially with vision and hearing loss, and am skilled in the use of American Sign Language. 


My office is centrally located with comfortable access to public transportation and in a facility that is wheelchair accessible. 

/// Susanne Martin B.Ed., M.A.

Tel : 780-428-6610

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